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Importance of Plant Tulasi

The original name of Tulasi devi is Vrinda devi. She is one of the most exalted devotees of the Sri Krishna. All scriptures stress on the importance of getting the mercy of Tulasi devi if one has to make progress in the path of devotion. Tulasi is auspicious in all aspects, simply by seeing, simply by touching, simply by remembering, simply by praying to, simply by bowing before.

The Story of Tulasi Devi

Tulasi devi was married to Jalhandara(One who born from water). He drew more strength from her chastity and purity. Due to her chastity even Lord Shiva can't defeat Jalhandara .So all devatha's went to Lord Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu assuming him in the form of her husband and went to Tulasi devi. She thought Lord Vishnu to be her husband, at that moment her chastity was broken. Taking this one as advantage the demigods killed Jalhandara. Lord Vishnu changed to his original form Tulasi devi understood what happened and she cursed Lord Vishnu to become a stone. Lord Vishnu accepted her curse and blessed. He said for the benefit of all the human beings you will be in the form of plant which is most auspicious for performing devotional services. Due to this women's are doing puja to tulasi plant on every morning. In olden days people place tulasi plant in courtyard of their house because it always exhibit heat, so it will destroy all impurities in air.  

Medical benefits behind Tulasi

1) Tulasi leaves boiled in water act as a preventive against severe fever.
2) By eating tulasi leaves directly prevents our body from severe cold.
3) Warm tulasi juice gets rid of the stomach problems.
4) By drinking tulasi juice will prevent our body from kidney problems.
5) Tulasi can also reduce blood pressure and maintain sugar level in normal.
6) Tulasi leaves taken with honey keep chicken pox at bay.
7) Tulasi leaves taken with honey will provide relief from sore throat.
8) By chewing tulasi leaves twice a day will provide relief from blood pressure and mental stress.
9) Warm water with tulasi leaves will prevent from severe headache.
10) By drinking extract of tulasi everyday will stop the progression of breast cancer.

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